Building a new world of finance.

We bring new ideas

We develop new ideas and concepts for a new financial world.

We believe that technical infrastructure has become a high entry barrier on financial markets. Due to high costs and increasing regulation fintech markets become increasingly closed. Big players which can pay for the infrastructure dominate. Smaller players are forced into speculative strategies to survive. In total we are seeing higher speed, bigger failures and more risky strategies.

We believe that future financial markets can be open for everyone with a good idea. Instead of only buying low and selling high, the focus of finance can be shifted to participation and collaboration. Such new contracts can lead to a longterm creation of wealth, and build-up of equity for entrepreneurs which improves lifes, leads to prosperity of companies.

We confront classical banking with vision, fresh new ideas, and concepts using blockchain, open ledger or algo technology. We see ourselves as an idea-generator and thinktank, delivering concepts, expertise and software code. We are supporting startups which disrupt and re-invent the world of classical finance in our mission. Our toolbox is a quantitative skillset with experience in financial technologies: i.e. realtime analysis of mass data, hft algos, co-location and blockchain.

For Algorithmic Trading

We have experience in building and operating HFT software running complex strategies.

Concept of Algo Trading Software
For Ethical

Learn from us about sustainability and ethics in new financial technology.

Concept of Algo Trading Software
For Regulators

We keep in touch with the industry, cryptocurrency, blockchain and high frequency developments.

Book on Algo Trading
For Raising

Let us help your start-up, or social-eco initiatve getting funded.

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Into Classical Finance

Quantbuilder is driven by Dr. Johannes Gomolka, an independent expert for banking software applications and financial technology.
He has been technically designing algorithmic trading systems and lead their software implementation, working as director in the field of computational finance.
He earned a Phd on the topic and filled roles as head of software development, head of research, as well as leading teams of software developers.
Dr. Gomolka has several years experience working on startup board level positions and is author of a book and articles on this topic in business informatics.

Co-location Trading

With Steelhouse Energy Trading Ltd. we developed an High Frequency Trading software in colocation on the CME (Chicago), registered with FCA and CFTC regulation.


With Tempelhove we developed software for banking institutions, from user interfaces, algorithmic trading implementations to FPGA construction.


We help other blockchain-, open ledger- and cryptocurrency-projects. Our focus is on equal and free access to financial markets in future.


We are supporting startups. Providing howTo and access to fundraising on ICO blockchain, risk capital, inline with current regulation.

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