Dr. Gomolka has build and managed quant developer teams several times. Sharing this experience with clients, who want to build new Quant teams or add talent to their existing teams. Here is range of activities from previous projects.

Selection of Quants from university or college

Finding good quants and software developers is not easy and one of the most critical tasks in HFT. Headhunting firms only collect + screen CVs. But often it is hard to evaluate the talent of potential candidates just on basis of a CV. Instead it is better to see the talent of an individual in action, and test his ability to work under stress. This requires experience of what is really needed in an HFT business. 

The emotional fit

Bringing a very high educated software developer to a new team, does not guarantee any sucess. Instead very highly educated individuals may be fighting each other, to prove their superior intelligence. Building a positive spirit in the team is kind of an art, while keeping the minds of the teams open. This brings more productivity to the development process and results in higher quality of the software code itself. 

Training and teaching Quants

Especially quant candidates from natural science and Phds often are experts on quantitative methods, but they often miss basic knowledge about financial markets. The same is true for senior developers, which may be experts in their programming field, but may not be experts on financial markets yet. Teaching such experts new knowledge requires a sensitive and very professional approach. 

Managing Quant Teams

The productivity of a team, and the quality of the software code is not the result of a single specialist, but how the talented individuals are working together. Leading such teams, requires a fundamental understanding of the financial matter and setting priorities right, and allocating ressources fairly.