Role: CEO/Head of software development, Head of Research

Tempelhove Research was a high tech spin off founded by Humboldt University graduates and Potsdam University.  Tempelhove provided software consulting for algorithmic traders, quant traders and high frequency trading systems, improving risk management and technical standards in computer driven, automated trading. It was granted funding by EXIST Program of the federal ministry of economics Germany. Tempelhove closed in 2014.


 Role: CTO/Designing & delivering low latency HFT framework for commodity trading on CME


 Steelhouse Energy
Trading Ltd.

Steelhouse Energy Trading is a financial startup and prop trading firm, focussing on US and UK energy markets. Company was formed 2011 as a financial startup and joint venture of Steelhouse Ventures and Tempelhove Research. The company developed and implemented a unique high frequency trading software for intelligent algorithmic trading. Software was optimized for commodity trading on CME and registered with FSA.